Arcol Art Exhibition

Posted 03/09/12
Arcol Art Exhibition

Benjamin Shine's Tulle Portrait of Elizabeth Talyor is on exhibition at the Arcol Art Exhibition in Monaco which runs from the 4th-10th September. The piece is one of the first created at this larger size, measuring 120cm x 160cm.




Export Awards

Posted 30/08/12
Australian Export Award

For the second year running, The Australian Export Awards have recognised Benjamin Shine for international achievements in the field of Arts and Entertainment.




Works in Tulle

Posted 28/08/12
Hands of Time private view

SCIN gallery is hosting a private view of a few Tulle Portraits which have been kindly loaned for exhibiting alongside the Hands of Time tulle installation.




London Design Week

Posted 25/08/12
Hands of Time at London Design Week Hands of Time at London Design Week

Following the invitation to exhibit at SCIN Gallery during London Design Week, this new piece, 'Hands of Time', will form part of the 'In Another Light' exhibition. One of the leading UK sourcing and advisory companies for materials, SCIN Gallery sources and showcases the latest, most innovative surface finishes for the international design industry.

Constructed from over 50 metres of blue tulle, the fabric remains exposed, providing a duality of textual experiences. 'Hands of Time' will be exhibited at SCIN until the end of 2012.

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BT ArtBox Exhibition

Posted 25/06/12
BT ArtBox Exhibition BT ArtBox Exhibition

'Long Distance' and 'Box Lounger' have been designed for the BT Artbox exhibition, which sees over 80 phone boxes transformed by artists and designers, exhibited across London. Long Distance has been surprising Londoners in Leicester Square while Box Lounger has taken up residence in Harvey Nichols. Both pieces will be auctioned by Sotheby's at the National Portrait Gallery on the 18th July in aid of Childline. A specially commissioned purple Box Lounger will also be seen in various London locations throughout the Olympics courtesy of British Telecom.

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Playsam Design Bank

Posted 15/05/12
Playsam Design Bank Playsam Design Bank

Playsam Doc and Playsam Connect have been designed for Top 3 By Design's initiative to raise funds for the new Design Institute of Australia. Based on the wooden Playsam toy car, designers from around the world have been asked to create their own ideas using the object.

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Analog Side Table

Posted 06/05/12
Analog Side Table

Following the reports of old analogue television sets being thrown out to make way for the digital change over, the Analog Side Table aims to salvage and convert the classic 1960s TV into a fresh, functioning piece that shines a spotlight on its origins - a nostalgic design relic that would otherwise so easily be lost and forgotten.

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Egg Letter Box helps raise over £1 Million

Posted 21/03/12
Big Egg Hunt

Thanks to the superb efforts of the London Police, the BBC, ITV and the social media platforms who built such a widespread campaign appealing for his safe return, Egg Letter Box was found just yards away from his plinth and was able to re join the exhibition - behind a secure display case!

Egg Letter Box was auctioned by Sotheby's, selling for a cracking £42,000. As one of the highest selling eggs alongside Prince Charles' signed egg and Zaha Hadid's egg, the Big Egg Hunt has raised over £1 million for Elephant Family and Action for Children.


Egg Letter Box - Stolen

Posted 26/02/12

After just 4 days into the Big Egg Hunt exhibition, Egg Letter Box was enjoying the attention, working hard promoting the event and tirelessly posing for photographs. Sadly, on Friday night, Egg Letter Box was stolen. A police investigation is currently underway and following the incredible media support, I, along with Elephant Family and Action for Children appeal for the safe return of the Egg Letter Box so it can rejoin the exhibition and help raise vital funds at the charity auction. The egg can be returned to 104-108 Curtain Road, London or call 020 3124 0661. Thank you to the many Big Egg Hunters who have contacted me and left comments on the Big Egg Hunt site, I am equally dismayed that someone would do this.




London's Big Egg Hunt

Posted 16/02/12
Big Egg Hunt

This Easter, world renowned luxury brand Faberge will host London's largest Easter egg hunt. On Tuesday 21 February, 200 decorated eggs will be exhibited throughout the capital before being auctioned for charity. Alongside eggs designed by a host of leading artists and designers, Egg Letter Box plays on the iconic British red post box. Purposefully designed to function as a real letterbox, the piece will be auctioned after the event, which aims to raise over £1 million for Elephant Family and Action for Children. For more information please visit:

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