"Tulle Fabric Portraits by the great Benjamin Shine' - "Benjamin Shine is the type of creative who makes something completely original no matter what he lays his hands on. Currently he is making astoundingly accurate portraits using tulle fabric."
- Visual News 2013
"Givenchy's latest hit is thanks to the brand's partnership with artist Benjamin Shine."
- Vogue, 2013
"Givenchy in collaboration with artist Benjamin Shine - iconoclastic couture, here at its very best."
- Style.com, 2013
"Mirroring and matching the artisan brilliance of Givenchy's atelier, this is haute couture, sportswear, and art in one wonderfully realised package."
- Another Man Magazine, 2013
"Givenchy continues to challenge the rules of couture with this new sweatshirt collaboration with artist Benjamin Shine. What is so special about this sweatshirt is that it is made from one piece of tulle."
- Slam X Hype, 2013
"Gob-smackingly skillful & original use of fiber - in this case, TULLE - to create form out of nothingness."
- Surface Design Association, 2012
"London-born Benjamin Shine’s meteoric rise has been propelled by a unique multi-disciplined approach and his insatiable drive to push the boundaries of conventional design. Enthusiasts are left unabated in anticipation of his future works."
- Nuelux, 2012
"Mind-blowing portraits by Benjamin Shine. He irons them! The three-dimensional pieces show unbelievable likeness to the person they are meant to portray, despite the use of such a raw textile."
- Design Milk, 2012
"Benjamin Shine's 'Hand's of Time' was the beautiful draw of this event, that saw many design studios take part in conceptual installations."
- The London Design Festival, 2012
"This is one of the most loved and best known eggs in the hunt. Taking pride of place on Carnaby Street this egg has hit the headlines the most after being stolen a week into the hunt. He's been found and is having a little bit of R&R after the ordeal before returning to the streets. A firm favourite and one you should certainly visit."
- Michael Murphy, Faberge Big Egg Hunt, 2012
'Art's Shining Star' - "This unusual artist stops at nothing."
- Diana Streak, Arts editor, Canberra Times, 2012
'Shining Light' - "From an early age he demonstrated a unique talent for capturing a likeness of his famous subjects, even if they were of the fictional variety, in his drawings. Today, Benjamin Shine's portraits centre on the real deal, some of the most powerful and influential people in the world ... Shine's star is burning brightly."
- Jessica Good, Editor, Living Magazine, 2012
"There's a fantastic creative buzz going through the UK at the moment." In comments that reflect the breadth of the magazine's interests, he cites the work of designer Thomas Heatherwick for the UK pavilion at Shanghai Expo, the fashion-inspired artist Benjamin Shine's use of fabric in his artwork, and the "extraordinary success story" of Michael Acton Smith's Moshi Monsters, an online game with an audience of 15 million children."
- Independent, 2010 (Interviewing Wired Editor, David Rowan)
"One of the most popular elephants is likely to be Benjamin Shine's contribution - so much so that arrangements have already been made for it to be covered by a 24-hour guard at its location by the Royal Exchange. Shine, a young artist, has transformed the template into a glossy black taxi, powered by a solar cell so that a sign lights up at night and its eyes turn into headlamps."
- www.prnewswire.com, 2010
"Tommy Hilfiger's elephant sports a green mohican, while Lulu Guinness's is covered in trademark lipstick kisses. And artist Benjamin Shine has contributed a likely favourite: an elephant styled like a black London cab, complete with orange taxi light!"
- http://freeartlondon.wordpress.com, 2010
"But star turn goes to artist Benjamin Shine's elephant - expertly disguised as a London Black Cab."
- www.thehandbook.co.uk, 2010
"The elephant designers, many from Shand's own circle of friends, include a sprinkling of London's up-and-coming young artists alongside the already very famous. Sacha Jafri, Tommy Hilfiger, Peter Beard, Sir Terence Conran and Marc Quinn (he of the blood head) have all decorated an animal - though the cleverest design is surely by Benjamin Shine, who has rendered his elephant in glossy black cab paint and stuck a London taxi sign on the top."
- www.thisislondon.co.uk, 2010
"One of the fiercest bidding battles looks set to be for a sleek black elephant styled by artist Benjamin Shine to look like London's distinctive taxis, complete with solar-powered headlights as eyes and a light-up orange taxi sign on top."
- www.reuters.com, 2010
The Space Between Light and Shade by Benjamin Shine: "Just thinking about the process behind this portrait makes my head explode! Twice. What a brilliant piece!"
- www.thegraffik.co.cc, 2009
"Benjamin Shine is a remarkably talented artist. He has an impressive range of products in his repertoire, but we'll take a moment to examine his portrait series. The pieces are generally 4ft wide by 5ft high, and Benjamin deploys some interesting methods to achieve the effect of line drawn portraiture. The planning that must go into these pieces is mindblowing ... and then there is the portrait of Rembrandt, created from a single length of tulle fabric, pressed between plexiglass. This portrait is one of the most astonishing things I've ever seen."
- www.mrxstitch.com, 2009
"Best described as a visionary artist and designer (a label for the sake of introductory brevity, as it doesn't nearly do him justice), Shine skillfully straddles product development and artistic innovation... this young British prodigy is hot property."
- The Guardian, 2009
"From beautiful bespoke garments to children's toys, he is brilliant at adapting his eclectic vision."
- Courvoisier Future 500, The Observer, 2007
"Benjamin really stood out in the category ... his obvious talent coupled with an ability to work in a number of different media made him stand out as a future star."
- Shaun Clarkson, Courvoisier Future 500 judge, 2007
"'Innovation' best sum's up Benjamin Shine's work."
- Sarah Tooze, EcoPress, 2007
"A ten foot picture of Big Ben was created using new 'Cordz', highlighting the versatility of the product. Nearly 200 members of the press had the opportunity to see the picture being created and talk to the inventor, Benjamin Shine."
- Toy News, 2007
"10 out of 10 for Cordz."
- Paul O' Grady Show, Channel 4, 2007
"A deceptively simple idea ... the possibilities are seemingly endless."
- The 50 Best Christmas Gifts: Cordz, The Independent, 2007
"The nice thing about it is ... it's clean! My little daughter likes painting but it does get messy, so something like Cordz wouldn't be so bad on Christmas Day."
- Richard Gatesford, GMTV, Cordz , 2007
"Thatcher praises Dot-to-Dot portrait."
- Daily Mail, 2006
"One of the most unusual artistic representations of Margaret Thatcher - the impressive 4ft x 5ft portrait by artist Benjamin Shine uses silk chiffon on rusted iron to depict the Iron lady."
- Celia Walden, The Daily Telegraph, 2006
"Remarkable - the work of a true artist."
- Baroness Thatcher, Portrait unveiling, 2006
"The combination of materials and the simplicity of the compositions offer a refined and elegant product."
- Charlotte Marner, 'Unify Series', Ligne Roset, 2006
"Rohan is proud to be associated with the RUCJAK design by Benjamin Shine. It is an innovative and highly original piece. For the traveler it answers the question of how to take less stuff with you that does more. We think this concept piece might also point to a way of addressing the environmental load of what we do."
- Tim Jasper, Design director, Rohan, 2006
"Benjamin Shine's 'Schott Origin' collection delivers one of the season's most refreshing pieces."
- Maxim magazine, 2005
"Shine does not so much stretch the boundaries as step over them."
- Karen Hobson, Canberra Times, 2005
"Beat the weather at it's own game with this functional little garment."
- Easy Jet Magazine, Skoody, 2005
"What starts out as a pouch really does morph into a coat capable of protecting you from the ravages of the Canadian fall."
- Jonathan Margolis, Financial Times, Skoody, 2005
"Its appeal lies in its convenience."
- Country Walking Magazine, Skoody tested, 2005
"An impressively practical invention."
- Yachting Monthly, Skoody, 2004
"The Skoody is a clever three-in-one accessory that combines a scarf, fleece and waterproof ..."
- The Times Magazine, Top Gear - The Skoody, 2004
"The Skoody is the answer to all you prayers - designed by Benjamin Shine, the Skoody is a unique garment which can be quickly manoeuvred into whatever item you require."
- International Rugby News, Star Buy: Skoody, 2004
"It's ingenious and a must-have for anyone who loves travelling but hates packing."
- Nine to Five & Midweek, Skoody, 2004
"Shine has created a unique garment that folds in and out of itself as quickly as the weather can change."
- Lancashire evening Post, Skoody, 2004
"It's something you can pick up on your way out the door and find a purpose for, whatever the weather."
- Incentive Business, Top of the Range: Skoody, 2004
"Young designer Benjamin Shine has come up with the nifty little Skoody."
- Metro, Snow Stylish, 2004
"Benjamin puts the shine on art."
- OK Magazine, 2003
"A rising star - long may he shine."
- Tatler Magazine, We're All The Rage - You Know, 2001
"Ben Shine's much hyped collection didn't disappoint - but will the lights of New York or Paris tempt our latest star away."
- Dolly Jones, Vogue, 'Realised' Collection, 2000
"Shine's clever use of fabric creates architectural shapes while still being completely wearable."
- Michael Harvey, Evening Standard, Realised Collection, 2000
"I think Benjamin Shine (The 22-year-old designer who recently graduated from the Surrey Institute) is pure Zen."
- Interior designer, Kelly Hoppen, Daily Telegraph, 2000
"Our investment tip: Ben Shine."
- Harpers Magazine, Opportunity Frocks, 2000
"A Shining Example - one of the biggest names to come out of last month's graduate fashion week is Ben Shine...The big attraction of his work is that, while the clothes look good on the models, most of them are actually wearable."
- Suzanne Baum, Jewish Chronicle, 2000